Annette Northey is a Sub-Editor and Journalist at a leading regional newspaper and operates as a freelance editor, journalist and writer under the business name EastWest Editing. Her background is in medical administration, music education and postgraduate research and she has taught academic writing to undergraduate tertiary students. She is a fully qualified and accredited schoolteacher.

Annette’s expertise in medical writing is supported by study in physiology, community health, and epidemiology at tertiary level and she was a medical research assistant to a Research Fellow at the Department of Psychology in Relation to Medicine at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She has an Honours Degree in both Music and Education, is a composer and music reviewer, and is currently researching aspects of Spanish music for her personal book project.

Annette’s passion for language and languages informs her editing practice; her priority being to work with clients to ensure their communication is error free and crystal clear. She makes it her business to keep up-to-date with linguistic trends and industry writing styles, including current editions of all the major international style guides and house styles.

Annette is a full professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors, Australia; the Society of Editors – South Australia; and edits in accordance with the ‘Australian standards for editing practice’ set out by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd Australia), and its international equivalents.

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I can confirm that Annette Northey has worked with myself and other colleagues at the University of Newcastle, in a part-time capacity, carrying out editing work. Her work has always been of a very high standard.

For a number of years, Annette was employed as a tutor for several levels of university study. As a tutor for large first year courses, Annette’s duties included editing students’ written submissions, and providing those students with expert advice about how to improve their academic writing. Typically, at this level, editing student work and teaching editing skills to those students is particularly important, and we only employed tutors who were especially skilled in this area.

At a higher level, as a tutor for a fourth year capstone course (also for pre-service teachers), Annette was employed to guide students through the process of developing their theses to a high academic standard, particularly providing editing advice that such that the students’ work met the standards set out in the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies. Annette was responsible for working with around 50 students such that their work was of publishable quality.

I can say that Annette has excellent skills in this area. I have known her to be thorough and thoughtful, and her work is always of a high standard. As Annette’s former PhD co-supervisor and course coordinator, I can certainly vouch for her.

With best regards,


Dr Sharon Cooper - Lead Consultant, Tailor-made Teacher Development